Western Cape Activities

Welcome to Western Cape Social and Sporting Activities

As very active and energetic youngsters of Mossel Bay and the surrounding towns we often do social and adventurous activities.  We LOVE meeting new friends which share the same interests.

Important to note!
This is not a company or a profitable organisation. Every person involved participate due to the love of sport, nature and socialising.

Through friends we have been encouraged to share more activities and social events to such a nature that keeping up through social media is just not possible anymore as we also need to earn an income when we are not playing ?


We will try our utmost best to keep the calendar and posts up to date for most of the activities in our area.  If you do not see an activity you love on this page – you should contact the administrator and start the administration of that part of the website.  Most events will be free but some events will have entry fees/conservation costs/transport costs as some companies hosting events do have costs involved. No profit will be gained from any of these costs. Transport to and from an event is generally assumed to be your responsibility.


All activities and sporting events are only shared on this page for your information. WC Activities is not a company or responsible party for any loss, damage or risk suffered in any way whatsoever. WC Activities or any of the people involved do not carry any risk in any way.  Any activity that you take part in are done on your own risk. 

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