Hiking is FUN!

We often do Weekend Hikes.  There is also regularly day hikes and at least once a year longer hikes.


If you have never hiked before it is advised to first join us for a day hike before taking on some of the weekend hikes.  We will indicate the level of difficulty if you are a first time hiker. We are very pleased to let new potential hikers join.  You do not necessary need all the equipment.  If you are unsure whether you should join a hike or not you are welcome to contact Werner Morkel-Brink for advise and tips.


Longer Hikes will only be opened to hikers who regularly hiked with this group or have hiked at least a couple of weekend hikes in the past year.


If you are a group of hikers (not a company) and would like to share your hikes with the community who may join, contact Western Cape Activities.